The weather is getting cooler but that means it is time to start thinking about spring. Bulbs planted this fall, will bloom starting in early spring.  Some of the most popular bulbs that flower in the spring include tulips and daffodils.

Planting bulbs is easy and perfect for the beginner gardener. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Plant in the fall or early winter before the ground freezes and when evening temperatures average between 40° to 50° F.

2. Prepare the planting bed by digging the soil so it’s loose and workable.  You may want to add organic matter such as compost or peat moss to the bed.

3. Plant the pointy end of the bulb up.

4. Plant big bulbs about 8″ deep and small bulbs about 5″ deep.

5. Plant bulbs in clusters. A lone tulip or daffodil can look funny.

6. If you are planting bulbs that bloom at the same time, plant low bulbs in front of high.

So before the temperature falls too low, get out there and enjoy your garden. In about six months your garden will put on a spectacular spring show.

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